Live with Purpose

birds ocean“The fact that you are still alive assures you that God has something for you to accomplish.” ― Rodney A. Winters

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Coastal Reflections

Beach ReflectionsHappy Saturday! Hope you had time to be reflective today.

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Coastal Views & Safe Travels

Coastal Views and Safe TravelsI wish you safe travels, coastal views, and a happy Thanksgiving with family and friends.

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East Beach Dazzles

East Beach St Simons Island GA“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add
color to my sunset sky.” ― Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds.

I’ve spent a lot of fun times on East Beach at St. Simon’s Island. So when my husband Allen asked me, “Where would you like to live after we retire?” It was an easy answer. “East Beach,” I said. So maybe one day, the dream will be a reality.

This long, wide stretch of beach with magnificent views is probably on a lot of people’s wish lists.  Since there’s always a beach, no matter what the tide, it is one of my favorite places to walk. I love to collect shells, watch the kites, and say hello to families on bikes ‒ all while birds wheel overhead.

One of the most popular spots is near the US Coast Guard Station at the end of Bruce Drive at Gould’s Inlet. The walk from there to the King & Prince, past The Beach Club and The Grand, gives a good workout with lots of beauty around you.

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Georgia’s State Shell: Knobbed Whelk

State shell

Somehow the fact that Georgia has a state seashell missed me. So I was surprised to hear it when on a shelling excursion. But Captain Wild Bill, a certified naturalist, brought me up to speed when I asked, “What is this one?”

Even as a child, I was thrilled when I found this “exotic” shell on the beaches of Tybee or St. Simon’s Island. But I had no idea the shell with knobs on the edge of each whorl and an orange mouth was even called a Knobbed Whelk. It was a rare occasion I saw one — a special one like finding an unbroken sand dollar. But Mom never let me take them from the beach since the whelk was alive.

“It’s found along our shoreline,” he said, “out to 30 feet of water.”

I learned in that excursion that Knobbed Whelks grow to 8 or 9 inches. They feed on clams.“

And the females lay eggs in a long string,” Wild Bill told me.

So maybe I’ll have many more opportunities to find the Knobbed Whelk on our Georgia beaches — and so will you.

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